Gulpur HPP, Poonch River (HBP)

Gulpur HPP:

Poonch River, Kashmir1

The Poonch River originates in Indian-administered Kashmir, flows into Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and a further 85 km downstream enters Mangla Dam reservoir, which floods the confluence of the Poonch and Jhelum River.

The entire 85-km length of the river within Pakistan-administered Kashmir is in the Poonch River Mahaseer National Park, recognised for its scenic beauty and high levels of fish endemism including the Critically Endangered Kashmir catfish, Glyptothorax kashmirensis, and the Endangered Mahaseer, Tor putitora, which is also a prized angling fish.

Funding for maintaining the national park is scarce and sediment mining from the river, destructive fishing practices, nutrient enrichment from effluent discharges and removal of riparian vegetation all exert pressure on the system. Within the park, the 100-MW Gulpur Hydropower Project is being developed 50 km upstream of the Mangla Dam (Figure 1), by Mira Power Ltd. from South Korea.

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