DRIFT is an internationally recognised EFlows decision support system (a software model) that has been developed over 20 years through its application in environmental flow assessments for river systems in several countries. To date it has been used in over 50 projects in 20 countries on 3 continents, and features in several publications.

DRIFT can provide detailed and transparent predictions of how ecosystems will change under different water development scenarios or other management influences.  It is a tool for synthesising data, global literature, expert opinion and local knowledge in a structured and explicit process to determine the ecological, social and economic implications of proposed developments or scenarios on a river system.

Outputs from DRIFT and their interpretation provide the basis for the identification and assessment of impacts relating to changes in water flow and sediment on a river system, and are frequently used in some form of environmental assessment.  In so doing, the results often provide the basis for discussion and negotiation among stakeholders responsible for water use and protection, and between governments, to agree a development scenario.

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